The Changing Times trilogy

Changing Times is a far reaching Fantasy trilogy in the best traditions of Sword and Sorcery.

Join an adventure stretching from the rolling plains of the Southlands to raging storms in the High Alps. On a journey through parched deserts and the gloom of the primeval forests, danger lurks in many forms.

Escape to a world where good and evil become entwined, where people and animals may not be what they seem and your thoughts may not be your own.

Follow Kerri’s search for her kidnapped friends, as her quest throws her into a conflict between warring tribes for control of a sacred object that has seen heroes rise and civilisations fall.

Join the battle where men and animals must fight for their friends, their land and finally their lives, against an ancient evil with the power to control their very soul. In this world, there can be no winners, only survivors.

Available now in eBook and Paperback.
Recently translated to Polish

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I grew up in Europe, in a family where animals were always a close part of our lives. In my world, we loved the folk stories that told of the loyalty and bravery of our faithful dogs, and the sometimes human characteristics of cats.

A lot of the inspiration for writing this novel came from my own culture in Wales. It’s a land of ancient Kings and Druids, where evil takes many forms, and our heroes died with their devoted dogs beside them.

Shaun L Griffiths 
Author of the trilogy Changing Times