Shifters Alliance

Shifters Alliance

Series: Changing Times, Book 1

It was a story of legend…

… but nobody knew the real danger.

Can a 17-year-old stop an ancient evil?

Kerri’s alone. Her parents have vanished and her Clan struggle to protect themselves against shape-shifters invading their land.

To survive, they need to know…

… what lies beyond the portal?

The war between the shifting bears and lions has not gone unnoticed. Now a deeper evil is massing on the border.

When Kerri’s friends are taken, she must venture into a parallel world fraught with dangers she’s not prepared to face.
Will her combat training be enough to save them? Is fighting the only solution?

You’ll love this wholly unique Epic Fantasy because it tackles real-life struggles with all the elements you want in your next favorite story.

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Educator Approved! Highly Recommend for Middle School/High School Students and Reluctant Readers (especially boys)
-- Hillary - Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★
a YA magical fantasy set in a world filled with shifters... Fans of The Golden Compass and The Jungle Book will love this animal fantasy book that will stay with you long after the last page.
-- I'M loving BOOKS - Review