Changing Times Part 2 Lost Lands

A story of greed, fear and conflict, but
also a tale of friendship, family and bravery.

Lost Lands is the second book in the Changing Times trilogy, a far reaching YA Fantasy adventure.

The story continues with the search for Holly, lost in the snow  blocked passes of the High Alps. Carter's journey across the Lost Lands to save his young friend, leads to perils never imagined. 

In the greatest Sword and Sorcery traditions, the quest opens a Pandora's Box of evil and danger. When all is quiet, would  you listen to the voice inside ?

Part 1 in the Changing Times Trilogy, SHIFTERS ALLIANCE

As Sam and Kerri pass through the Gateway, they Time Travel to a land soon to be at the center of their worlds conflict. In the style of the great European Myths and Legends, their journey becomes a fight for survival against natures raging storms in the High Alps and a race against time before the Gateway closes, locking them forever in a land on the verge of destruction. As their quest unravels, and the effects of the Gateway brings Sam to his knees, they are forced to depend upon Sonny to guide them.

But what Sonny hides from the rescuers is that passing through the Gateway not only bends time, but also allows them to shape shift into animals that have lain hidden within their own souls for generations. When Sonny's loyalty is questioned, he is forced to choose between his obligations to his father or to betray those that he gave his word to guide. Now Kerri must decide, can she save her friends alone?

Sonny’s story unfolds as he comes to understand the mistakes his own people have made in kidnapping the children, now being used as pawns in the simmering conflict about to erupt on the Northern border. Guiding them through the treacherous mountains, his feelings for Kerri turn to dreams of Young Romance, which destiny will never allow to be returned. Kerri's heart is slowly turning towards Carter.

So begins Kerri's coming of age as she struggles to understand her conflicting feelings for Carter, a boy forced to grow up before his time. As the second child kidnapped, Carter is taken through the Gateway, where he finds the secret to Shape Shifting into an animal of immense strength and fortitude buried deep within himself. Now forced to stand guard at the snow locked pass through the High Alps, Carter feels responsible for the safety of his young friend Holly, and for the safety of his own people and lands to the south. His responsibility for Holly, and his secret love for Kerri, are tested time and again, as he struggles with his own adolescence, forced on him and accelerated by the magical effects of passing through the Gateway.

Then starts the scary story of all out conflict.

Unknown to the rescuers, the chaos around them will soon explode across their own border. A global conflict is unleashed, at the centre of which lies a battle for a mysterious crystal, an object so precious, civilizations have fallen trying to control it. Their world is about to change and times will never be the same again.

When the people from beyond the vast Northern Desert find that the magic crystal they had guarded for generations has been stolen, their need to recover it takes on an epic urgency. Their one advantage in the conflict is their shape shifting ability to change into mighty Snow Bears. When the reluctant heroes Vin and Naz, young Guards of the Snow Bear Patrol enter the fray, will the world ever be the same again?

But as the conflict continues, an unseen and long forgotten evil prepares to enter the fight. Within the darkest reaches of the forest, something is watching and impatiently waiting for the inferno to erupt, to unleash its revenge on everyone around.

Where fairy tales start and a legend is built. How far can one go for the love of their friend? Can a son defend his father’s corruption? Is revenge ever an option?

Shifters Alliance. A tale that will go down in Folklore as a fight for the very souls of those touched by the crystal, and a struggle for the survival of the known world.
Shaun L Griffiths

Author of the trilogy Changing Times 

Shaun L Griffiths was born in Cardiff, South Wales. He studied Electronic Engineering at Llandaff College, graduating top of his class. After five years working in a ‘Clean Room,’ never knowing the difference between night and day, he saw a light at the end of the tunnel and walked away to travel the world.

He then moved to Poland, where he now lives with his family and dog in a house they built in the forest.

​‘I get most of my inspiration from the places around me or my memories of the places I’ve visited. When you stop to take it all in, you will remember this is an inspirational world.’

What other people are saying about Part 1 Shifters Alliance

Changing Times: Shifters Alliance, by Shaun L Griffiths, changed me!

I've been an avid reader my whole life, and for 20 years I was a literacy teacher and presently writing a book about getting boys to read, but during all this time, I never read a fantasy book that gripped me; the first Harry Potter book is actually still sitting unfinished on my bookshelf.

And no matter how many fantasy books were recommended to me by my students (a lot!) as the one that will change my mind, I just never got sucked into any of those books like I do with realistic fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, and even nonfiction. But I wasn't alone.

Every year at least half my students also weren't into fantasy, like me, but we kept reading hoping to find the one- the one book that made us feel more connected to this highly marketed genre we are suppose to love.

So when someone recommended Changing Times, to me, I begrudgingly started to read it like I do all suggested fantasy books.

Except, this time, I couldn't put it down. I read all night. Fell asleep with my Kindle. And then woke up really early to start reading again. In two days, I finished the book, so surprised at what just happened to me. Yes, there are all the fantasy elements that people who love fantasy expect, but for the non-fantasy reader, it goes deeper than that.

It's the characters and the real-life struggles that Mr. Griffths created and skillfully developed within the fantasy elements that grips and makes putting the book down impossible.
Mr. Griffths makes you care deeply about Sam, Kerri, LuLu, Jojo, and even Sonny, and what happens to them. The worlds they live in are complex and dangerous and intertwined, the enemies destructive, but it's the humanness and the universal truths this book represents that make it a stand out.

I highly recommend this book to all fantasy readers, but for non-fantasy readers this book is a MUST read! It will definitely open up the fantasy genre in a new and exciting way! And for reluctant middle school/high school readers, especially boys, this book will keep them turning page after page because of the fast-paced plot and strong, well developed characters.

Well done, Mr. Griffths!

Hillary Tubin 
Author and Boy-Responsive Literacy Consultant 

I loved reading this book, I couldn't put it down!

The story is very well developed and complex, fast paced and full of surprises. There are many underlying themes presented in this book, such as choosing to resolve conflicts without fighting, dealing with fear, following orders, and the ancient right vs. wrong.

I enjoyed how the plot unfolds, starting with a clan trying to maintain control of their land, then continues with the search of an abducted family member, and three clans uniting and fighting to protect themselves from an ancient evil. I loved that the author described everything so vividly I felt I was right there, in the middle of it all.I like that there was no violence or bad language!

I highly recommend this book - very well written! I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

Claudia Svartefoss 
Best Selling Author and Website Designer

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this amazing book.

 I loved the author’s sense of humour, his descriptions, and his ability to create complex characters.The story itself was fascinating and contained multiple different subjects.

For example; resolving conflicts without violence (by communicating wisely), kidnapped children and living in fear. The author shows the importance of friendships and there's a bit of romance, and the classic theme of good vs. evil.

The characters are so relatable as they draw you into this new fantasy world. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a happy, fast paced read that leaves you wanting more. I can’t wait for the next book!

Jenny Clift 
Best Selling Author, Professional Violinist and EFT Coach

"It was a time of darkness and long, long shadows.

It was a time of change and of fear.

It was the time of the animals.

It is not clear when it all began.

The books are vague, but there were hints in the early writings that things were changing, if anyone cared enough to look.


Then it became as if, this is how life always was, and always would be.

People now secured their doors and windows with heavy bolts at night.

And people were afraid.


Fathers lay awake, listening, remembering their own life of freedom from worry, and trying to think back to when and how it started. Angry with their own inability to stop it, but also afraid. They lay and listened.

And still things changed..."

- Text from "The Book of Histories"