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Shifters Alliance Part 1 of Changing Times

Legends tell of a relic so precious that civilizations have fallen trying to control it. A Crystal of terrifying power that will open Gateways to uncharted lands and enslave all who look upon it. When the Crystal is stolen from its protectors, the world is thrown into chaos.

17-year-old Kerri's parents have vanished. Taken under the protection of the Clan, Kerri is trained in the art of combat. She vows to always protect her loved ones, no matter the cost. 

Everything changes when Kerri's friends are kidnapped and taken through a Gateway into an unknown land rife with danger, where shapeshifting clans threaten war, and no one can be trusted. As Kerri attempts to save her friends, she uncovers secrets of her past that will alter the course of her life forever. 

As the fight for the Crystal escalates, an ancient evil watches, waiting impatiently to strike…

Lost Lands Part 2 of Changing Times

Everyone believes 9-year-old Holly died defending the passes of the High Alps - until Carter hears her voice again.  When Holly is discovered lying paralyzed beneath the snow, it isn’t her rescuers who find her first, but the Evil One who plans to use Holly for his own dark purposes.

Carter is wracked with guilt for leaving his friend behind. Now he's determined to save her soul by bringing her body home at any cost. He recruits the help of shape-shifting Snow Bears, Naz and Vin. But they find more than they could ever imagine when Carter hears his friend's voice in his mind, begging him to rescue her from the greatest evil their world has ever known. 

Carter, Vin, and Naz will do everything in their power to save Holly from the influence of darkness - but will they find her before it’s too late? 

From Best Selling author of the Shifters Alliance, comes the tale of a world shattering fight for Holly's soul.

Shifters Stand Part 3 of Changing Times

​Hidden somewhere in the High Alps is a mysterious Crystal that gives incredible power to whoever possesses it. The Shifters Alliance has one final chance to find the Crystal before the murderous apes and their evil master get their hands on it. 

But as Carter guides the Snow Bears into the  lost lands to recover the Crystal, they discover - too late - that they've been betrayed. The heroes have walked right into a trap. 

With the Crystal on its way to the evil one, it is left to Kerri to rescue Carter and the Bears and prevent the evil forces from using the Crystal's power to destroy their world. 

The Shifters Alliance prepares for a final stand in this gripping chapter of the Changing Times series.

That Moment When . . .  
An Anthology of YA Fiction from An Alliance of Young Adult Authors (AAYAA).

Have you ever reached a moment in your life when everything changed? A crossroads of sorts… a point of no return. An event or realization so enormous you knew it would impact you forever in ways you couldn’t begin to understand? Discoveries so momentous they changed everything you thought you knew about the world, and yourself?  That Moment When is filled with exactly these kinds of moments. 

The Alliance of YA Authors is a community of over 1000 young adult writers. Many of us are award-winning, bestselling authors; others are brilliant debut authors just starting out. We team up to make it easier for you to find your new favorite reads, with book giveaways, contests and joint book promotions.

Where fairy tale's start and myths and legends are built. How far can one go for the love of their friend?
Can a son defend his father’s corruption? Is revenge ever an option?

Changing Times - A tale that will go down in Folklore as a fight for the very souls of those touched by the Crystal;
in a war for the survival of their known world.

What other people are saying about Part 1 Shifters Alliance. . .

Changing Times: Shifters Alliance, by Shaun L Griffiths, changed me!

I've been an avid reader my whole life, and for 20 years I was a literacy teacher and presently writing a book about getting boys to read, but during all this time, I never read a fantasy book that gripped me; the first Harry Potter book is actually still sitting unfinished on my bookshelf.

And no matter how many fantasy books were recommended to me by my students (a lot!) as the one that will change my mind, I just never got sucked into any of those books like I do with realistic fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, and even nonfiction. But I wasn't alone.

Every year at least half my students also weren't into fantasy, like me, but we kept reading hoping to find the one- the one book that made us feel more connected to this highly marketed genre we are suppose to love.

So when someone recommended Changing Times, to me, I begrudgingly started to read it like I do all suggested fantasy books.

Except, this time, I couldn't put it down. I read all night. Fell asleep with my Kindle. And then woke up really early to start reading again. In two days, I finished the book, so surprised at what just happened to me. Yes, there are all the fantasy elements that people who love fantasy expect, but for the non-fantasy reader, it goes deeper than that.

It's the characters and the real-life struggles that Mr. Griffths created and skillfully developed within the fantasy elements that grips and makes putting the book down impossible.
Mr. Griffths makes you care deeply about Sam, Kerri, LuLu, Jojo, and even Sonny, and what happens to them. The worlds they live in are complex and dangerous and intertwined, the enemies destructive, but it's the humanness and the universal truths this book represents that make it a stand out.

I highly recommend this book to all fantasy readers, but for non-fantasy readers this book is a MUST read! It will definitely open up the fantasy genre in a new and exciting way! And for reluctant middle school/high school readers, especially boys, this book will keep them turning page after page because of the fast-paced plot and strong, well developed characters.

Well done, Mr. Griffths!

Hillary Tubin 
Author and Boy-Responsive Literacy Consultant